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About the Author - Quickstart Guide

  • Early (2008) YouTube Partner and funny hilarious skit maker
  • Loves science/math/knowledge/pierogis
  • Graduated from Case Western Reserve University for Electrical Engineering
  • Worked as a software developer in SF, CA for 4 years at two companies
  • Learned game development in Unity/C# over the course of 4 years
  • Live streams game development as Twitch affiliate and holds training sessions for VR
  • Owns an HTC Vive and raises it as his own
  • Favorite games include Super Mario Sunshine, Accounting, Jazzpunk, Fez, Overwatch, Antichamber, Bastion, RecRoom VR, MagicTCG

August spent a lot of his post college time rock climbing, building videogame prototypes, and spending time with friends while also oversharing about aforementioned prototypes. After putting several months into one particular game idea Sweepyheads: the Game, he decided that he wanted to work with a game studio that would appreciate his enthusiasm and encourage development of unique game mechanics. August, in general, doesn’t like to come to the table empty handed, and felt that he could prove himself and make some really fun and impressive content at the same time.

In December, 2016, he left his San Francisco software position and moved to Cleveland, OH to execute a solo VR project over the course of one year. The end goal in this approach is 1) to create a game that’s fun and impressive to August and his peers, which does not cater specifically to a majority crowd and/or financial gain, and 2) to impress one or several game studios with his portfolio and earn a spot on a development team as a gameplay programmer or similar position.

List of accomplishments and highlights in Auggo Doggo Games solo development*

  • Wrote all code including architecture in C#, and Cg(HLSL) shader scripts
  • Created all 3D models and textures, animations, particle systems
  • Created entire concept and storyline, voiced most characters
  • Developed testing centered game architecture
  • Used Valve’s open source SteamVR plugin and altered it for various uses
  • Demoed the first version demo at PAX Prime, Seattle, 2017 [GameJolt Afterparty]
  • Literally did all the things.

These accomplishments apply to both Plunker, and Sweepyheads and most of August’s other experimental prototypes. Plunker has a Demo available online for the HTC Vive!

*August has other skills, tools, and languages that were obtained through school, work and non game related personal projects. Any other skills can usually be found listed in either his Game Industry Resume, or his General Software Dev Resume.

Inquiries, business or otherwise, can be sent to