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About This Game

Plunker is a comedy VR game where the player is pressured into making awkward and dangerous decisions in order to save the lives of... well, at least like 5 or so people. You can expect to be strung along by jokes, replayable VR minigames and puzzles with unique mechanics through a surreal, sometimes nonsensical story. Plunker was made by one person while streaming live on and also working a full 40+ hours a week for a good portion of the last three years. One person doing all of the art, all of the code, all of the ideas, all of the testing. At the end of it you've got 45~90 minutes of playtime.

Examples of Included Features

  • VR Parachuting
  • VR People who are mad at you
  • VR Interactive Farting Credits
  • VR Grenade-Launcher style Water Balloon Turret
  • Anxiety Inducing Life or Death Minigames (in VR)
  • Playable VR Guitar
  • Overly Realistic VR Bocce Ball
  • More!

Examples of Features Not Included

  • Battle Royale
  • Light Sabers
  • Puppies
  • Punching out your monitor by standing too close and throwing a VR bocce ball while trying to develop VR bocce ball live on Twitch (you're free to roleplay, but it's not reccomended from my own personal experiences)

Due to the comedy and surprise/reaction based nature of Plunker, it's a fantastic game to play in front of an audience!


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