Auggo Doggo | Games

Plunker - 2017-2018(Ongoing)

An instant Auggo Doggo classic, where the player is forced to read their surroundings (and their spy watch) for clues about an ambiguous terrorist attack. Try to kill as few people as possible.

To read more, watch a trailer, and download the free demo, click here.

Death Fog Dash - Ludum Dare Game Jam Submission - April, 2018

A survival/spelling game where you have to make your way through a deserted city to escape a deadly fog. As you spell words and run further you get more points, but beware, the fog moves faster and the words become longer!

Feeling curious? Go play in the embeded WebGL build on the games page!

Sweepyheads - 2015-2016

A colorful 3D platformer based on a character with a broom for a head. This was a wonderful ecclectic box of game mechanics and interesting characters. I learned many interesting facets of 3D game development through this, becoming obsessed with solving one design problem after another. The project as a whole revealed itself to be much larger than originally planned and I learned a lot about architecting realistic goals and project scopes because of this.

Twitch Game - Late 2016

A 3D action/wave-based-fps in a procedural maze. Users on twitch can spawn various objects, enemies, and can influence the game. If I was trying to make a smash hit, this would have probably been my best chance when I made it back in 2016 before you saw other people start trying to find ways to involve Twitch chat in their games. I succeeded in the hard parts but was not interested in finishing it because I finally bought my first VR headset

Bubble Hockey - 2014-2015

A 3D simulation of table hockey (bubble hockey). (Converting to VR in progress)