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Press Kit - Plunker

Welcome to the press page for Plunker, this is where you'll find as much relevant info about the project and team as humanly possible as well as any media packages you might want and/or need for various purposes. We can be reached at

Related Facts

  • Developer: Auggo Doggo Games Co., Based in Cleveland, OH
  • Release Date (Estimated): Q1 2018
  • Platforms: PC Only, HTC Vive with plans for the Oculus Rift
  • Website:
  • Availability: Digital Download
  • Languages: English
  • Press Contact:
  • Social:

Auggo Doggo Games presents a hilarious virtual reality experience full of characters and minigames that will stick with you for life!

Agent Plunker finds himself on an airplane where there is a rumored terrorist attack. Luckily he's equipped with a spy watch and intuition to stop the terrorist with arguably minimal casualties. There are plenty of surprises for the average gamer and even more for the gamer that checks every little nook. Replayability is through the roof due to the nonlinear paths of play, and the minigames are unlockable so that you can play the golden parts in a competetive or zen mode afterwards.

Game Features

  • A main campaign that leads you along a nonlinear adventure where you have to survive and conquer story story based puzzles.
  • So much comic relief that you will be 100% relieved throughout the entire game and not even know what the relief is from.
  • VR parachuting through targets.
  • Bocce ball.
  • A massive two hand minigun turret where you get to annihilate huge sand creatures.
  • Building sand castles with your hands.
  • VR punching people.
  • Soundtracked by members of Cleveland garage/punk/rock band, Sweepyheads, along with cameo character voices and narration.
  • Memorable and hilarious characters with voices done by known comedians such as Thomas Birdeno.
  • Characters that interact with the player are actually a rarity in a lot of indie VR titles, which is disappointing since all of the most memorable games are just so because of their characters. I've tried as hard as I could to fully shape my main characters to be something players will like.
  • I've avoided adding the default "bow and arrow" package that every game seems to have simply because valve supplies this code open source. Instead, I've written all of my own mechanics from the bottom up in a valiant effort to find out what makes being in virtual reality so darn fun.

The "Team"

August Yadon (Twitch personality AuggoDoggo) has been developing Plunker live on Twitch every day since early 2017. August makes all of the decisions, code, art, story, characters, noises and whatever else you want to throw in the whole "indie game" trunk. Although the reason that "Team" (above) is in quotes is not entirely because August is the sole developer on this project but because there are other people who have contributed voice lines, 3D artwork, music, pixel art, and loads and loads of fantastic ideas over Twitch and Discord.


Download and Play

You can download the Demo for free here. If you're really wanting to dig in, just give the demo a play. It's a limited version of what you'll get to play in the end. If you would like to have an unlimited version, just say so and I can send that as well.